Helping Animals Almanzora

Registered Charity No. 5242 / Cif No GO4741286

Helping Animals Almanzora is a registered charity in the Arboleas area of Andalucia,


Spain. Run by a small group of volunteers. We do not take a wage, we are just animal

lovers wanting to help by doing as much as we can inbetween our own work and

family commitments

Dedicated to helping abandoned and abused animals wherever possible. We do not

have kennels and so rely on foster homes and emergency boarding kennels when funds


We always try and help in as many ways a possible, for example, ensuring dogs and

cats are neutered and vaccinated before they are homed, providing catch and release

neutering for stray cats.

We also support and help local rescue centres assisting where possible

Bam Bam was found abandoned in the streets in a terrible matted condition and completely blind through painful glaucoma......

Now he is a happy and spoilt boy in a wonderful home in the UK

Aims and Objectives

We are dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and caring for all animals.
Educating people/children about sound animal care and welfare - this is of paramount importance. We will advise, educate and enable participants to develop their knowledge of animals. We will work for local, national and international policy changes relating to the improvement of all animal welfare issues and co-operate with like minded organisations to promote animal welfare.